The State of the C.A.D.A. for 2002

Because the C.A.D.A. has in the past been under serious attack, since my first sitting as President of the C.A.D.A., I have opted to put-forth a State-of-the-CADA message on Feb 27th (our incorporation date) each year, informing members of the board, the general membership and the public-at-large what it is we are up to and what I see as our current/future direction.

This year (2002), thanks to the Internet, I bring a unique message to the C.A.D.A. board. Because in past State-of-the-C.A.D.A. messages I have made salient points, I include some of them here for the year 2002. Click the State of the C.A.D.A. Button (below) to view the text of this year's message.