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As the Oldest Independent Dianetic Organization in Existence, the California Association of Dianetic Auditors (C.A.D.A.) has had a presence on the Internet. CA-DA.Org is YOUR link to what is happening in the Independent Dianetic Fields.

This Website has been constantly evolving since 2003. Your patience will be rewarded by way of a dynamic, robust Dianetic Website unlike ANY other on the Internet.


C.A.D.A. Continues to Evolve Online

June 29th. 2014 - Update:

The C.A.D.A. is enroute to reformation. A new board of directors is in the process of being assembled. The world of independent Dianetics is alive and well; not only in California, but worldwide.

Many people in addition to Hubbard made contributions to the body of knowledge known as Dianetics. Case in point: an early contribution to this field was by none other than C.G. Jung in 1906, with his research into the possible uses of GSR technology in psychotherapy.

We are assembling a timeline regarding early Dianetic contributions from researchers other than Hubbard and are always looking for archival material from the early Dianetics era (1948 - 1955).
If you have access to any such material, please e-mail me at: Ron@Ca-Da.Org. Specifically, we are looking for journals, newsletters and promotional materials from non-Hubbard organizations. A lot of interesting techniques were presented in those materials. We would love to showcase those materials on this website or on squirrel-tech.org.

NEWSFLASH: A copy of the article: A SHORT HISTORY OF THE CALIFORNIA ASSOCIATION OF DIANETIC AUDITORS by past president A. E. van Vogt as been located and reproduced in the History Section of this website. van Vogt sums this article up reminding us that dianetic auditors, by being C.A.D.A. members have full right(s) to use Dianetics and practice dianetic therapy. This of course is one of the main reasons to join our orgnization.

As a reminder, we have taken on custodialship of squirrel-tech.org which has recently been put online. You are welcome to send your technical creations to Squirrel_Editor@Squirrel-Tech.Org, for all the world to enjoy. Your submissions will be categorized for proper inclusion. A few submissions have already been received. A couple are currently online, while the others are pending editor approval.

As you may know, our 1984 - 1990 Tape Library has been found. Look for a special order page soon where you can order copies of each C.A.D.A. event recording during that magical era. We are in the process of validating the conversion of two of these tapes to .WAV and MP3 formats.

Meanwhile, we are looking for someone who is adept at transferring cassette tapes (remember those?) to MP3 format for online access. In exchange, for your efforts, you will have a free copy of the material you convert. If you know someone who can helps us, please write: Ron@Ca-Da.Org. Thank You!

The C.A.D.A.'s legal comittee is continuing to look into a number of interesting matters that will continue to keep Dianetics safe from any organization that would like to create a monopoly on listening to people. Remember, an Auditor is one who LISTENS. Who better than an Independent Dianeticist to be a good listener.

A Note from C.A.D.A. Web-Developer
Ronald Allen

C.A.D.A. to enter the next "Chapter" of its Existence

Contrary to popular belief the C.A.D.A. is alive and well. Thanks to the internet, we will always be accessible.

We have recently experienced a change in the C.A.D.A. board of directors. As a result I have retired from the role of president at this time to give others an opportunity to join the Executive Board. I will continue to keep this website alive and will be a part of the various committees I have headed over the years.

Do you still use Dianetics?
If so, how? Under what conditions?
If not, why not? What has curtailed your use of it?

Would you like to form a C.A.D.A. chapter, giving you a resurgence in your original Dianetic goals? Get together with your fellow auditors and form an informal organization that signifies your intent to bring Dianetics back into your world. Then, call me, or e-mail me (president@ca-da.org) requesting that the C.A.D.A. come to one of your next meetings.

We are in the process of automating the chapter signup process, by experimenting with a simple web-form that will allow you to declare your interest in becoming a C.A.D.A. Chapter. Click Here to check out the chapter information/sign-up page at: chapters.ca-da.org.

As we progress through 200813 and beyond, look for the C.A.D.A. to not only maintain a presence on the Internet, but to continue our leadership of the Independent Dianetic Field. The California Association of Dianetic Auditors has always involved influential thinkers and speakers in the field of Dianetics and Dianetic therapy. As we put our audio archive online later this year, we will share with you many of the events (via .WAV or MP3) that have made the C.A.D.A. the organization that we are.

Dianetics is not dead. It continues to be alive and well, independently, in Southern California and beyond. For that, we can largely thank the men and women of the California Association of Dianetic Auditors (patting ourselves on the back, thank you) in our continuing efforts to keep Dianetics alive, independent, and available, to interested people the world over.

Come join us in this endeavour.

- R O N



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