History of the C.A.D.A.

Since December 1950, the C.A.D.A. has had a rich, if not controversial history. As such, an executive order by past President Ronald Allen, created the C.A.D.A. Historical Committe, co-headed by then board member Bob Griffin.

This web-section will become an outreach of the Historical Committe to discuss the C.A.D.A's past, its people and its contribution to the field of Dianetics.

It is very fitting that the first entry in this web-section be an article by past president A. E. van Vogt, appropriately entitled: A SHORT HISTORY OF THE CALIFORNIA ASSOCIATION OF DIANETIC AUDITORS. (Click the title to read the article)

What is important to note is that within less than 1 - 3 years, the warnings put forth ending this article, turned out to be quite prophetic regarding the split which occured in Ron Hubbard's church organizations.

If you have contributions to make to this web-section, feel free to contact us regarding your material and ideas. Send your thoughts, feelings and emotions to Ron@CA-DA.Org.